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Since time immemorial, wood has been used for all construction activities. This has resulted in a great depletion of natural forests all over the world. At such a time, plywood has emerged as the perfect alternative.

Plywood is an engineered panel manufactured by compressing layers of wood veneers together with PF synthetic resin under controlled heat and pressure to form a strong & durable panel of three or multiple layers.

And now it is being used as a structural panel for home / office construction and do-it-yourself projects. Plywood ideally suits any residential,commercial and industrial application. It is strong and flexible – good for building furniture,cabinetry and beautiful interiors.


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A quest for excellence and drive for perfection invariably results in products of superior standards. Nothing serves better instance for this, than Fineply.

When it comes to embellishing commercial establishments or residential complex, nothing even comes close to Fineply Plywoods.

A perfect blend of smoothness and strength, Fineply serves as a benchmark for every other plywood. A rich origin is a significant reason for fineply's superiority.

With a dream to create plywood of the highest class, the business family from Siliguri (West Bengal) ventured into this arena and rapidly carved a niche for themselves in the top quality plywood market.

Fineply is hence a masterpiece from professionals with abundant experience and awesome expertise. Thorugh experiments and periodical R&D ensure that Fineply stands the rest and is truly beyond compare.

Understanding the requirement of any establishment, Fineply delivers fabulous finish and guarantees durability.
It is not merely a perfect fit. It gives an incredible facelift to any interiors.

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